June 1, 2011

Dear Carter,
We are still trying to get our feet back under us after feeling like we got a bit knocked down on Memorial Day. I feel like the sun is coming back out now....we only have one more anniversary to get through on Friday (the day of your funeral). On one hand I am relieved that we've gotten through the first year, but on the other I feel sad that it's really been that long since I've held you.
One thing that your Daddy has been wanting to do since last year is a half marathon in honor of you. I was a little concerned because it was POURING rain all through the night. In fact there was even a bit of snow mixed in at some points. The rain stopped a few minutes before the race started, and started again almost exactly when our last runner crossed the finish line. I'm not exaggerating there, it started pouring as soon as she crossed. We are sure that you had something to do with that.
Your brother and sister did a one mile race, and they were so cute about it. Mikey did his mile in about ten minutes.And Jovie did hers in fourteen. They were both so proud of their medals.Daddy finished strong, and I just know that he was happy to have done this. Way to go Daddy! We are all so proud of you!Here is a picture of a huge puddle the runners had to go through....maybe it's not so much a puddle as it is a lake.I know that my posts have sounded somewhat depressing lately, and I promise that there are going to be some happy ones on the way. I hope to update tomorrow with the finale of The Random Acts Of Carter, so if you have a story that you wanted included please email me.

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