June 14, 2011

Polly And Popcorn

Dear Carter,

I am devastated.

I just got home from running errands, and could tell right away that something just wasn't right with Polly and Popcorn. I walked over to their nest with a lump in my throat, and my suspicion was right.

Something had gotten to their eggs while we were gone.

They were running around it frantically chirping at each other, and my heart just broke for them. I know exactly what they are feeling right now even if they are just birds. It was a bad BAD sight. Baby birds no longer living, eggs crushed, one of them in the middle of the road. I was terrified that I might have to clean it up, but they are taking care of things on their own.

I had to lie to your brother and sister. I just was not emotionally prepared for that kind of conversation today, so I avoided it. I'm pretty sure that Mikey realizes the truth, but Jovie is quite angry that the baby birds left without her being able to see them.

I'm in the backyard now watching Mikey and Jovie play in the water, but I can still hear Polly and Popcorn screaming at each other as they clean up the nest. It makes me wonder what kind of lesson God really wanted us to learn from this.

I'm praying for birds today....even if it does sound silly.


Moosman Fam said...

Oh, I am SO sorry to hear that! My heart goes out to Polly and Popcorn....

Heidi said...

Oh sadness! I'm so sorry for the humans and birds in this story. :(

Our Family said...

this makes me so sad...i was just telling someone about your birds and their eggs in the rocks. :(

Michelle and Sean said...

I would totally feel the same way as you. That is so terrible and heartbreaking. I seriously can only imagine how you must be feeling seeing all of this take place in your front yard. I am so sorry! Hugs!

Holly said...

so sad :(