April 13, 2009

Baptism Day

Carter got baptized today. Although it wasn't in a church, or with all of our friends and family, it was still very special to us. We were able to have his godparents, Marty and Nelva, there for the event. Carter had to be sedated because he was thrashing around like a mad man about 20 minutes before his big event. We really think that the little guy is starting to feel better because he's definitely got a lot of spunk and attitude. He certainly did NOT like being messed with today.
The cardiologist came to meet with us again today, and they've decided that since Carter's cultures have been taking longer to grow bacteria, and since his blood counts have been coming back better that it would be best to wait for the surgery. It seems as though Carter is finally starting to fight off the infection, so the doctors want to just wait and keep a close eye on the mass in his heart. They will be meeting again on Wednesday to discuss his case. Until then, Carter just needs to keep fighting, and he'll get another echocardiogram tomorrow. On another positive note, he's now eating 28 CCs (or 1 ounce) per feeding. That's amazing to us since 10 days ago he was only eating about 3.


Laurel said...

Such a fighter! Stay strong little guy!

Brownie said...

continued prayers. hugs.

Angie & Christian

Stephie said...

What a special day! Lots of prayers from Cache Valley. <3