April 23, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time

Carter is still doing well. He wasn't quite ready to be taken off of CPAP this morning, but he was all bundled in some very cute onesies. I got to go in at 2:00 and held him for 2 hours straight. That's right...no breaks from mommy! We had to make up for some lost time. He just cuddled up to me and relaxed. Daddy is up there visiting right now, so let's hope that they are getting some bonding time in too. Also his labs came back free from any respiratory viruses. His cough is most likely from being taken off and put back on the vent so many times. He will get another echo of his heart done tomorrow, and we're supposed to talk to the Geneticists about the results of his second round of Chromosome tests.


The Bender Family said...

YAY CARTER!! It's so great to read about his progress everyday! Good for you for keeping up on it. Loves and cuddles from Mommy make everything better. He'll be home before you know it!

Phyllis said...

Oh that is awesome news!! I am so happy he is going in the right direction I am glad you got to snuggle him for so long too. For me that was one of the few positives of the NICU, snuggling for a long time and not being distracted by household chores or having to get up to take care of the other kids. Enjoy him!

pinkebody said...

Hurray for bonding time & an even bigger hurray for no resp. viruses!