April 24, 2009

Massage and Genes

Carter is getting be quite the big boy. When we showed up today, he had a new music player in his crib. He really seemed to like it! The physical therapist showed up and taught us some new massage and stretches to do with Carter to help him from being so tight. She was very impressed by how far he has come, and anxious to get started on bottle feeds. Carter will need to graduate from the CPAP first, but it's nice to know that the bottle feeding is around the corner. He did really well today, and it's obvious that he loves to be held. The therapist also talked to us about his cleft lip/palate surgeries, and got us started on applying for early intervention for when he comes home. It feels good to make some progress.
We also met with the geneticist, but didn't learn much more than we already knew. Carter is a unique case, and will most likely end up in the medical books. We plan to just let Carter tell us what he needs and give him everything we can to let him live life to his fullest potential. Overall it was a great day. I'm going to post some new pictures later tonight.


Phyllis said...

Glad he is doing so well! ....and welcome to the medical books!

kankelfam said...

I'm so happy that he's doing so well!