April 6, 2009

CT Scans

Our little guy looked really good today. He did well with his feedings throughout the night and today. We are glad to see that he's making steps in the right direction with that milestone. Carter had a really big day today. He started off with a CT Scan of his head and chest. We only got the results of his chest CT and it shows that the blood vessels don't constrict his airway, so we still need to figure out why the little guy has trouble breathing. We're hoping to find out about his ears tomorrow. His chromosome test came back as well and did show a small abnormality, so we need to do further testing to find out exactly what it is. That test is going to take a couple of weeks to get results. Otherwise, he just rested. His blood cultures still came back positive for infection, so he's still trying to fight it off. The Neonatologist did say that he thinks that Carter may be ready to come off the ventilator soon. He is on the lowest settings, and he seems to be breathing fast which makes them think that he's trying to breathe without the help. We're going to keep on praying for good news tomorrow.


The Bender Family said...

YAY! He's getting there!! I love hearing the good news! Hang in there Carter! You're doing great kid!!

Phyllis said...

Yayyy Carter!! Keep on resting and getting stronger!!