April 28, 2009

Still Growing

Nothing much new to report. Carter's still just hanging out, and growing. They didn't start the bottle feeds today, but are hopeful to attempt one at 11 am tomorrow. Hopefully he'll really like it. For some reason he's been really irritable the last couple of days. His physical therapist seems to think that bottle feeding could really help him. It's almost like he's bored with his surroundings. He just needs to keep growing so we can bring him home. I'm sure that his brother and sister can provide hours of entertainment.

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Moosman Fam said...

Yeah, Carter! We are so glad little Carter is doing so much better. I think I would be bored with my surroundings at this point... you probably are too! Hopefully before too long he will be seeing all kinds of new and exciting things.... he may never want to close his eyes!