April 10, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Carter had another very busy day today. We were told that it would be a quiet day since they cancelled his scope, but as we've learned with Carter, that's never the case. When we arrived he was getting another echocardiogram on his heart AND an ultrasound on his knee at the same time. He developed an abscess on his knee during the night which will most likely be drained tonight. The echo showed that there is a mass that is sitting on one of the valves in his heart. The doctors have been watching it closely for the last couple of days, and believe that it could be a vegetation from his infection. They noticed that it actually got smaller today which either means that the medication is working, or a piece has broken off and gone into his lungs. He got a CT scan of his chest a little later to see if any of the mass is in his lungs, but we haven't gotten the results yet.

The best piece of news that we got today is that his blood cultures came back negative for infection. His white blood cell count also stayed the same which could mean that he's finally beating this infection. Let's hope that he keeps it up tomorrow. Our little chunk also now weighs 5 lbs. 5 oz. He's packin' on the pounds!

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Phyllis said...

Nice weight gain!! WTG Carter!