April 25, 2009

Draft Day

Today was Carter's very first NFL draft day. Anyone who knows our family, knows that this is a VERY big day for us. Luckily the nurse had dressed him in a football sleeper to get him prepared. He had a great day! They decided that since he's been doing so well on CPAP, they took him off of the rate part of it. That means that the mask no longer blows extra air into his nose every few seconds. Instead, it just keeps a constant pressure. As long as he does well on this, he should be moving to the high flow mask in the next day (let's keep our fingers crossed). Daddy got to hold Carter first today, and they got some "guy" time. Poor Carter is surrounded by women all of the time, so it's good for him to hang with his dad. I'll post some pictures of their bonding tomorrow. Nothing else has changed. It seems that our updates are getting shorter, but that is DEFINITELY a good thing. We can't wait for the day that our post just reads "he's home".

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Phyllis said...

I am so excited every day I read your blog and find that Carter is doing better and better. I'm a big Carter fan already!