April 20, 2009

Little Guy

Today was a very busy day for the little guy. He had a CT scan of his brain and a bone density scan scheduled for this afternoon. They had to put him back on the ventilator just to transport him downstairs for the both of them. We don't have the results from either, but did get the results from his Echo on Friday, and the mass is continuing to shrink (Yay!). When we arrived after his scans he looked beat. Poor little one. He is going to start on steroids tonight to help with the inflamation of his airway from being put on the ventilator, and will hopefully be back on CPAP by 8:00 am. Nothing much more to report.


Chrissy said...

He'll get there....God watch over Carter....xoxoxox

Phyllis said...

glad the little man is making progress. hope you are holding up too.

The Bender Family said...

Glad to hear he's doing better! I hope he continues to improve. He does look tired, but great!