April 11, 2009

Coming Along

Carter's cultures came back positive for infection this morning. We could tell that he didn't feel very well today, but we're guessing that it's because his knee was hurting him. The doctors are still deciding exactly what they want to do with the infection in his heart. His CT scan of his chest came back clear yesterday meaning that none of it has moved to his lungs. They think it may be an infected clot, and are considering putting him on blood thinners to get rid of it. They drained the knee this morning, but it was already starting to get puffed up when we left. The doctors are kind of waiting to get a game plan together before they do anything else. We did notice that Carter is starting to open both eyes a lot more, and is moving his arms and legs more. It's good to see him becoming more aware of his surroundings. I assured the little guy that the Easter Bunny would be visiting him, and he seemed to like that plan.

Thanks to the sister britches who just sent us an Easter blessing. You know who you are ;)


Phyllis said...

Happy Easter! I hope Carter has a great day!

pmason said...

Happy Easter,
We all hope that today is bringing you blessings and good news. We are thinking about all of you and sending you our love and prayers.