April 24, 2011

All You Need Is Pug

Dear Carter,
I'll post pictures from our crazy busy weekend tomorrow, but for today I thought I'd have a little fun and enter a photo of the mini beefcake into a pet photography challenge over at
So, here is the little guy doing his famous head tilt.

I can't tell you how healing this little puppy has been for me. He's just so sweet and cuddly (OK....OK, maybe he's only cuddly when he's tired, but still..). He certainly keeps me busy, and makes me laugh all.the.time. If you've never owned a Pug before, let me tell you....they are in a league all their own.I find it incredibly ironic that he has a small birth defect (an umbilical hernia) which will have to be corrected with surgery, AND that the vet was sure to point out that Pugs have very small tracheas.
Oh my! Did we pick the right dog for our family, or what?!?!

Oh how I love him, and wish that he'd stay tiny forever....except for the chewing....the chewing I could live without.

And the running away from me in front of the new neighbors, and making me chase him around the neighbors car for 10 minutes while she held her 90 lb German Shephard puppy back to prevent her from eating Brutus.

I could have lived without that too.

Although I must admit it's kind of funny when I look back on it.


Cecily Healy said...

omg..he is precious! my dog does that head tilt too which i just love..:)

Barb C said...

You have a very sweet pup!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

Your little beefcake is precious!!

Our Family said...

pugs ARE in a league of their own. ours drives us crazy sometimes but we wouldn't know what to do without him! -by the way, watch out for your door frames. dizzy liked to eat ours when he was a puppy.

JennyRain said...

we have two - can't imagine life w/o them!

Kerry said...

I love pugs...yours is sooo cute! I have a pug mix and he does that sweet head tilt too with those big pug eyes. Great pictures!

Heather said...

So happy for you! Pugs are the best! I also thought our Daisy was so easy to potty train. We did lose some flip flops but the chewing does stop. You're going to have so much fun! =)

April Williams said...

He is adorable!