April 23, 2011

The Hula Queen

Dear Carter,
Jovie has been obsessed with mastering the Hula Hoop ever since she got one for Christmas. She has gotten very good at it, and has even learned a few new tricks like walking around while doing the hula, and using two at one time.

When we got back from Disneyland, Daddy found out that our local grocery was going to be having a Hula Hoop contest, so he asked Jovie if she'd like to enter. She was excited to show off her skills, and headed right up there to enter.

Daddy says that they handed her the Hula Hoop with pity, and treated her like she didn't stand a chance....but check out what she did!!

She was up against about 8 bigger kids, and she schooled them on how hula hooping should be done. We were so proud of her, and she was really proud of herself. It's really neat to see your child accomplish something like this...especially when the odds seemed to be stacked against her. Daddy said that people kept on cheering for her and saying things like "look at that little girl go!", and "she has mad skills". Oh how we love this girl!

We had a family dinner tonight, and Jovie decided to show off some more of her hula skills.

Yes, those are two hula hoops, and Yes, that is Indiana Jones on the TV (now you're going to have that theme song stuck in your head all.night.long. Da Da Da Daaaaaa Da Da Da)

Then Jovie took it a step further, and tried to teach Grandma and Grandpa how to do the hula.I'm not sure that they'll be winning any contests soon, but they sure are good sports for trying! We love you Nana and Papa!


Jennifer said...

Excellent! Way to go, Jovie!

Hyper Aspie said...

Wow! Go Jovie! That girl has got talent!!!