April 12, 2011

The Rest

Dear Carter, On our second day at Disneyland, we pretty much followed the same schedule. Got up early, went to the park as it opened, left in the afternoon, and returned to California Adventure that night. One of the highlights of the day was getting your brother and sister their mouse ear hats. They also snagged their own autograph books so we could get signatures from the characters. Mikey's favorite character is Pluto, and we found him right away. Mikey started to get very brave on this day, and rode a few rides that he was a little nervous about the day before. It was so cute to see his excitement grow as he tried new things. As the day went on, I started thinking about how much I would like to get some mouse ear hats with your name on them because I really felt like you were with us on this trip. Daddy took care of that the next morning, and I wore them proudly all day long! On our final morning in Disneyland, Jovie and I spent a lot of time in line to meet Tinkerbell which Jovie says was worth it. Mikey and Daddy tackled some of the larger roller coasters which Mikey deemed "awesome!" We spent the rest of the day in search of characters, and taking advantage of some photo opportunities. We came home on Friday to a bunch of snow on the ground. What a weather shock!


Kristin said...

So fun! My 5 yr old still wears her ears we got her when she was 2 :)

Phyllis said...

Aww, they are so cute! Libby's favorite is Pluto too.