April 10, 2011

First Day

Dear Carter, The day after we arrived in California, we started our trip to Disneyland. Daddy is the only one who has ever been there before, so it was a first for the rest of us. I must say that I was quite impressed! It really is like a whole other world, and I can see why they call it "The Happiest Place On Earth". We got there early, and immediately got on a bunch of rides because the lines were short. We started out with a few in Fantasyland that we thought Jovie might like, but they ended up being a little scary for her...the name Snow White's Scary Adventure probably should have given us a clue, but sometimes we don't catch on to things like that. Once she took a ride on Dumbo, she was all about the Disneyland life. Next we went on A Small World where we spotted a TON of butterflies like this one... We spent the rest of the morning on rides and just soaking the whole place in. We left the park in the afternoon because it started getting very busy. Your brother and sister wanted to try out the hotel pool, but they got chilly really fast. After a quick dinner we decided to check out California Adventure. We rode on the Toy Story ride and a few others. We also checked out A Bug's Land which is probably the part of that park which impressed me the most. It was simply adorable! Afterward we walked back to the hotel where we could see the Disneyland fireworks, and went right to sleep. It was quite a day! I must say that on that day I honestly felt like you were right there with us. There wasn't much sadness for me at all...especially when Jovie told me that Heaven was a lot better than Disneyland because you get to have fun all the time. Seriously, where does she come up with this stuff?

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Lacey said...

I'm so glad your getting a vacation in! See why we love Disneyland? Even me and Ray feel like kids when we are there. It takes all your stress away!