April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Dear Carter,
Easter has always been your holiday in my mind. I don't know if it's because we got two of them with you...if it's because it was your first holiday, or if it's because I know that you wouldn't be in Heaven without Easter. I really wish that you could have joined in on the festivities, but I know that in a way you were there with us.
On Saturday, we took your brother and sister to the Easter egg hunt at the church.Awww, look at Jovie leaning in on her brother. Once the whistle blew, they were off on their own separate ways. They gathered up a haul. Afterward, we had your grandparents and our friend all over for a pre-Easter meal. The kids had a great time roasting marshmallows with Daddy and Grandpa.
I swear, your brother and sister would roast marshmallows every night if we let them!
Jovie left some carrots for "Easter". We got them in bed early so that he could come, but Jovie had a hard time falling asleep. She finally gave in at about 1:00 AM. Then Mikey woke all of us up at 6:00 AM. It was a short night! They were quite excited by their baskets regardless of the lack of sleep.
Easter even brought them the Milo and Otis DVD. Both of them thought that it was for Brutus. He liked it too!
We went to church early, then went over to Grandma Geri's house for an egg hunt and dinner. Look at all of your cousins together. They had a blast!
It was a nice weekend, but not without a lot of missing you.


Kelli said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful!! xoxo

Lacey said...

Mmm, those smores look delish! What a great day!