April 27, 2011

Surgery Day

Dear Carter,
Today was emotional in our house.
I took Ajax to the vet this morning, and after an X-Ray they found that he had a bladder stone that was the size of a marble! The only way to fix this was with surgery.


Although he's a dog, and the circumstances are completely different, it brought back a lot of feelings. It was hard letting them take him away from me, and I'll admit it...I left in tears.
I'm sure that medical things like this will always get to me in some way. It's just part of living a life after losing a medically fragile child.
Ajax came through the surgery with only a few minor complications, and is now home resting in his kennel. I would love to let him cuddle in bed with me, but I'm pretty sure that Brutus would try wrestling with him all night long. I'll be taking good care of him, and hopefully he'll be back to his lazy self in no time.
I've been watching a lot of videos of you the last couple of days. I have felt like some of my memories of you have faded a bit, and the thought of that terrifies me. I'm so happy that I have the videos to remind me of what your little laugh sounded like. I love you sweetie pie.


Ms. Theresa said...

Love you guys!

Colleen said...

Sorry to hear about your puppy. I'm so glad you have those memories to look back on of sweet carter. Big hugs!