April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs....or Spring Spheres?

Dear Carter,
I read somewhere that somebody had the brilliant idea to change the name of Easter eggs to Spring Spheres. That's a major fail in my book, but to each his own I guess.

Today we colored Easter eggs. This is Jovie's favorite part of Easter, and she took it very seriously. She was especially excited since Daddy bought her a fancy coloring kit complete with foil, glitter, and beads. Here she is toward the end. Yes, those are tearstained cheeks....she accidentally dropped an egg she made for you, and it broke. Don't worry baby boy, we were able to salvage it. Brutus somehow joined in on the fun. Oh, that doggy!

Mikey was much more of a color the eggs as quickly as possible, and call it good kind of kid.

Oh my, she is growing up too fast!

I started to remember that we actually got to spend two Easters with you. One of them was while you were in the NICU, and the other was at home but you were sick and miserable. This picture just seems to be missing someone.....you!

I had quite a few pangs of sadness tonight...especially when I got Mikey and Jovie's Easter baskets out of storage. I realized that there really wasn't much need to get yours out too. I am thankful that we got to celebrate this wonderful holiday with you, and have so much faith that you are enjoying a much bigger celebration up there in Heaven.

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Our Family said...

as weird as it seems, my mom's side of the family brings out picture's of loved ones on their birthday and we still write their names on the cake (we celebrate one month's birthday's together- like all november birthdays).