September 9, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Dear Carter,
Your cousin, Samantha, is one amazing girl! She put together a car wash for you today, and it was nothing less than AWESOME! Check it out baby's even advertised on the Sonic sign!!

The manager even put a jug out to collect donations, and it already had some money in it when we started. Amazing!

Even your brother, sister, and cousin Justin got in on the helping. Tonight I couldn't be prouder of them. Both your brother and sister are coming down with a cold, but that didn't stop them from participating. They worked so SO SO hard tonight. They were washing cars like crazy, and holding up signs for the people going by. My heart is swollen with pride. They sure do love you, and are learning what it means to do these types of events for you. I love it!

I feel badly that I didn't get more pictures, but I put it away early when it almost got wet a couple of times. Trust me when I say that this car was was BUSY. There was a line a couple of times, and we had to shuffle around cars to fit them all in there.

By the end of tonight, your sister was soaked. She scrubbed those cars like nobody's business. Poor little girl is already crashed in her bed under two blankets (so is your brother!). I hope they feel better tomorrow.

Your brother being silly!

This was at the very beginning when we were waiting for cars to start rolling in...this was the only time when we were standing around.

Never trust this boy with the hose. He looks good doing it though!

After it was all said and done, your cousin raised $251 for your Christmas tree. That doesn't even include the Sonic coupon cards that she has sold so far.

Thank you so SO much to all of the members of Team Carter who came out to support us. Thank you to Sonic, and their manager Jaime, for allowing us to do this. We hope that we can continue to work together. I am in awe at how well they treated us, and how many people paid more than the $5 we were asking for our charity. Tonight my heart is full.

Love you baby boy.
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