September 4, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!!

Dear Carter,
Last weekend, our family decided to take a quick trip outta here, and it was excellent! It's amazing to me how just going an hour away can feel like a REAL vacation. We started out by driving through East Canyon to get to Park City. We wanted to check out some of the campgrounds up there, and it was such a pretty drive! After we checked into our hotel, we got some dinner, attempted to go bowling (the lane had too long of a wait), swam in the hotel pool, and enjoyed some Uno.
The next day, we woke up and took a trip up to Olympic Park. I can't believe that I'd never been there before. What a cool place!! The kids weren't quite as thrilled with it as your Daddy and I were, but they still had a good time. What do you think? Future Bobsled team? We just need a Team Carter logo on the side of that bad boy!

She is the next Olympian FOR SURE!

Mikey insisted on letting the buffalo run him over

This was one of the coolest parts (for Mommy and Daddy at least!) there were skiers going down these ramps and landing in a huge pool in the bottom. We could have stayed and watched them for hours, but Mikey and Jovie had other plans
We checked out these ski jumps too. Who knew that in the Summer they just wet these down, and away the skiers go. I had no idea!

Next, we took a ride up a ski lift to get to an Alpine Slide. So pretty, and we saw a ton of butterflies on the way!

Daddy and Mikey getting started on the Alpine Slide. This track was over a mile long!

Daddy bought a ticket for me to try out the zipline. I've NEVER done one before, but kind of wanted to try it. Here's Mikey and Jovie waiting for me to come down the big ole' mountain.

And there I am! Trust me, I look a LOT more relaxed than I felt. I started way up there on that ridge. Oh my gosh, what a rush!!

After our trip to Olympic Park, we headed to the Outlet malls for a bit of shopping, then on to our next stop in West Valley. This hotel has a waterpark inside of it. Your brother and sister thought that this was by far the highlight of the entire trip.

Mikey LOVED the waterslide. It actually went outside of the building. He was so cute, and kept trying to do tricks when he would come down it. At one point he looked like he was meditating...he called it his Master Shifu. Love this kid!

It was a nice refreshing weekend. We need to do it more often!
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