May 11, 2011

And So It Continues

I don't even know where to start because it seems like there is so much going on! I'm ECSTATIC by all of the messages I've been getting. Thank you so much for all of your continued support. it is definitely making this hard time in our lives a lot easier by knowing that our baby boy is truly making a difference.
First, let's start with April. She is an amazingly talented seamstress who has held a huge auction for Carter in the past. She managed to raise over $800 for Operation Smile in his name. She has already done so SO much for Carter, and we are incredibly thankful. April is offering up another auction with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Operation Smile. It starts on Friday night, so please PLEASE check it out. The colors are from her "Carter" collection and are simply beautiful. You can find the auction here: Kings Of The Castle .

Next, remember the board from the High School the other day? Lila's class began a Random Acts Of Carter board and pledged to fill it up with post-it notes stating any good deeds they have done for Carter. It started out looking like this... and today, it looks like this!!
That's 243 beautiful things for Carter Jay, and we're only on Day 3!! Amazing!
Not only that, but Lila sent me this message: May 30th will be Carter day at Hug High. Kids will be signed up to pledge to spend the whole day making the world a better more beautiful place ! I am speechless! Thank you Hug High!!

Kristen from The Princess And The Tornado posted a comment on our blog: My 5 yr old and hubby were going to the cemetary today with intentions of putting flowers on her grandmother's grave. (I was home with napping Max.) They knew there were already some flowers on it from her cousins, so instead, she opted for a balloon - a big balloon with a butterfly on it!! Totally made me think of Carter :) .
Thank you Kristen...send our love to Max and Piper!

Your girl, Kathy, let us know that she has been making several small donations to different charities. Thank you Kathy!

Jenn let us know that she purchased something that somebody else needed just to spread a little bit of beautiful around. Thank you so much Jenn!

I have a few more exciting things to announce, but I don't want to make this a monster long post. Thank you again to everybody who is helping to celebrate our baby boy.

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