May 10, 2011

If Love Could Have Saved You

Dear Carter,
We're still keepin' on with your project. I can't believe how many people are pledging to participate. Every day it seems that something new pops up!
I really wanted to recognize your cousin, Samantha, today. All of your cousins love you so much baby boy, but Samantha....well, she has a special love for you. Samantha is thirteen, and man has she loved you ever since the moment you were born. She was one of the very first people to start making things for you, and to show her love for you. I know that she misses you so very much, so she does things.....lots of things to show you how much! Sam doesn't need your project to keep you in her heart, and to make things more beautiful. She just does it on her own. Here's a rock that she brought over on Mother's Day. She wants to put it on your grave, but we're waiting for the weather to get a little better (maybe tomorrow?)

It says that If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever.

How true is that?! This just scratches the surface of the things that this girl has done for you. She used her own money (remember she's only 13) to purchase a Lily for the Easter services at her church. It even had your name on the ribbon. She's currently saving up money to make a donation to her church's rose garden so that they will put a plaque in there with your name on it.

Samantha has also managed to save up over $150 to go toward a tree she wants to make for The Festival Of Trees this year. She plans to ask local businesses for donations to help with it too.

We are so, SO lucky to have Samantha as a part of Team Carter. Thank you for all you do girl, we're incredibly proud of you!

When I opened up my Facebook account this morning, I was excited to see that there is a contest being held by KSL news. Basically, they are giving a $20,000 donation to the charity that gets the most votes. I thought it had to be a sign when I saw that your hospital, Primary Childrens, is in the running. I quickly voted, then posted, and persuaded a bunch of my friends to do the same. It felt like we were all doing it for you baby! Another Random Act Of Carter!


Lacey said...

What a sweet cousin she is, and what a difference he made in her life! So are they saying that PCMC is a charity? Sorry to say that I beg to differ!

Team Carter Jay said...

Hi Lacey! I'm glad you're back from your trip. The money goes toward charities/organizations who could put it to good use. I know that your experience with PCMC has not been good, and you have EVERY right to be angry with them after what happened to Jax. Our experience with them was nothing less than amazing, so we want to help them out in Carter's name. Many prayers!

Kimberly Krey said...

I don't even have words for how amazingly precious that rock was, and all the other things his sweet little cousin is doing in his honor. Still sending love your way! Good luck on the contest - I'll be sure to vote!

Michelle said...

What a precious child. A heart overflowing with love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your family's story. Team Carter is such a fantastic way to honor him and to help others.

I hope that Carter's hospital wins the contest. Take care.