May 17, 2011

One Year Ago

Dear Carter,
One year ago today we were making all of the last minute preparations for your surgery. If only we would have known that these were the last days we had at home with you. I would have done things so different.

These pictures were taken on this same day.

We took you on a walk up to Grandma and Grandpa's house to water the garden. It was actually your very first "real" walk, and I had no idea it would be your last. Although you didn't look too happy in this picture, you LOVED it. I wish we could have gone on more walks together.

I miss you so SO much today. Maybe tomorrow will be a little better.
Goodnight my sweet baby Jay.


Kristin said...

What great pictures!

Kimberly Krey said...

Sending so much love your way! <3 Hang in - you are such an inspiration! Thanks for the kind words on my blog! I absolutely love you!

Jenn said...

Love you girl!!!