May 24, 2011

Kill The Deer

Dear Carter,
Well, it looks like the rocks RIGHT next to our driveway have become a nest for a nice little Killdeer family.
If you don't know what a Killdeer is, it's quite an amusing bird. They will lay their eggs among rocks, or in a field and then when you get anywhere near the of them will act like it's wing is broken to lead you away. Some of them had made a nest across the street from us last year, and they were so much fun to watch. I guess now we'll have an even closer look. So far there's only one egg...can you spot it? I just did some research on the Killdeer bird (never thought that I'd EVER make a statement like that), and it looks like they can lay up to four eggs and it could take up to a week. We noticed that the mommy (or daddy...I'm not sure) only came back a couple of times today, but I guess that's normal until all of the eggs are laid. Mikey and Jovie are loving keeping an eye on this egg, but of course are careful to not get too close. This is really a pretty cool thing, and we're excited to watch it all unfold. Hopefully the eggs can stay safe since they are right in the parkway between the road and the sidewalk.

Now to think of names for the mommy and daddy. Sonny and Cher perhaps?

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Our Family said...

i was wondering where you were going with your post title! lol! can't wait to see the babies!