May 18, 2011

He's Got Talent.....Yes He Does!

Dear Carter,

Your brother had a talent show in his music class today. Mikey decided to do a magic trick. Unfortunately I didn't get very good video of it, and cut off at the end before the trick was actually over. That's what happens when you're fighting with a five year old over the camcorder.

He did a great job, and the first graders were all in awe of his magical skills. What a cutie pie! We are very proud of him, he's had a great first grade year. I'm so excited to have him home with me over the Summer. Last Summer was kind of a blur, so this Summer I hope to do a lot of fun things with your brother and sister.

I still have you very heavy on my mind. One year ago tonight was the last night you were at home with us. I try so hard to remember that night, but nothing comes to mind. I hate that some of my memories of you have faded like that. At least I have the videos and pictures to remind me of my favorite moments. Tomorrow is the day that started the beginning of the end. I wish that we could change the way things happened, but I know that God doesn't make mistakes and this was the way it was supposed to go. We've been trying to concentrate on your project to shift the focus a bit. I talked to your brother and sister about what we are trying to accomplish, and they both decided that they want to do something nice for somebody as a part of our Random Acts Of Carter. We've got one idea in mind which I'll share tomorrow after it's put together, and they are both brainstorming other ideas. I'm excited to see what they come up with.

Hug High is still plugging away with their Random Acts Of Carter. The last update I heard was they were up to over 3,000 good deeds done in your name, and almost $50 raised for Operation Smile. I am simply amazed by these students and how they have adopted your project. Thank you so much to Hug High for changing the world one day at a time. Keep on Keepin' On!

I'm wondering about our blog readers....did you do something nice, or see something that reminded you of Carter today?

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wendy said...

i love you. praying for you always. you are such an amazing example of a true woman of faith. xoxo.