May 26, 2011

Random Act Of Carter Thursday Update

Dear Carter,

Is it just our family, or has May been a crazy busy month?! I keep on trying to do a Random Act Of Carter every single day, and I think that I've done a pretty good job at it. I've made a lot of small donations in honor of you, and I've also tried to be extra nice to people. I had to laugh when one day I tried to let a lady go in front of me at the checkout, and she absolutely refused. She had her hands full and I had a full cart, but she still refused to go ahead of me. I wanted to stop and say to her "can't you see I'm trying to do a Random Act of Carter here?!"

I have heard from a lot of people that they have been doing a LOT of little things to help make the world more beautiful. One of our favorite families, the Travis' set up this very cool jar with your picture on it Each time their kids did something nice,they got to put a fuzzball in it. As you can see, it filled right up! Way to go Travis kids!! We love you guys (and the baby girl not pictured)!

I also heard from you friend Isaac's mommy. You can read up on Isaac by clicking here:

One Day At A Time

Here's what Isaac's Mommy had to say:
Dear Team Carter,

Carter and my sweet boy Isaac remind me everyday to do good things for other people. Because of this journey, I recently started a support network in my area for Moms of special needs kiddos who are medically complex. Not only do we meetup up during the month, but there has been so much more to it. Recently a couple of Moms in the group had surgery or were struggling with their own major health issues and were unable to care for the family. The moms group is also in connection to another awesome program called community meet community. I called the leader of that group and they provided meals for a week for each Mom. Another cool thing is that a sweet boy named Branyan who reminds me of Isaac and Carter was born with a rare disorder. Recently the family heard about a convention in Chicago so that they could learn more about it. This weekend me and several other people donated items to a yard sale so that they could attend this much needed convention. If it wasn't for little miracles like Carter and Isaac I wouldn't know how to do good deeds like this for others. Thank you!

Thank you so much Colleen and Isaac! It's amazing what these kids can do, isn't it?

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Phyllis said...

You continue to amaze me with all the great things you are doing!! You are truly inspiring!