May 8, 2011

Random Acts Of Carter Day 2

Dear Carter,
We're on Day 2 of your project, and I'm so thrilled with all of the stories we've been getting. I hope that we can keep them coming and spread the word. Thank you so much to everyone who is participating. I think we really are making the world more beautiful!

I kept on seeing things of beauty throughout the day, and of course they all related to you. First, I saw something beautiful when I noticed a couple of people wearing your bracelets. These are new friends who I had given your bracelets to earlier in the week, and was surprised to see that they were still wearing them. I felt the pride swell. Later in the day we had to make a trip to Wal-Mart where we donated $5 to Primary Children's Medical Center (your hospital). Your brother and sister put coins in a big bank for your hospital too. These are little things, but I'm hoping they'll all add up. To finish off the night, I was blessed to have a conversation with a family friend who I have known since I was little. She also has two twin babies up in Heaven with you. It was so good to connect with another person on that level, and hear her story since it has been 27 years since she said goodbye to her angels. She may not know it, but she gave me a lot of hope and strength that I needed right before Mother's Day. Thank you Pam!

Our friends Jenn and Yan sent us this picture of a butterfly on a jungle gym at the park. Here's what she had to say about it:
At the park with Yan, and this beautiful butterfly would not leave me alone. I think he came to tell me to wish his mama a Happy Mother's Day!!!
So So sweet! Thank you!

Jennifer sent us this picture that her 7 year old daughter, Natalie, drew. She said that she was going to draw her very best butterfly ever for Carter. Isn't it beautiful?! Thank you so much Natalie! A bracelet is on the way for you little sweetie!!

Then Aunt April sent me this picture of some reusable bags that are being sold at Smith's. I'm totally stocking up on these! Do you see Carter all over it?

We love you little Carter Jay, and can't wait to see other ways in which people make the world a little less ugly for you. Thank you to everyone who is participating!

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Kristin said...

My 5 yr old and hubby were going to the cemetary today with intentions of putting flowers on her grandmother's grave. (I was home with napping Max.) They knew there were already some flowers on it from her cousins, so instead, she opted for a balloon - a big balloon with a butterfly on it!! Totally made me think of Carter :)