May 23, 2011

See You Later

Dear Carter,
What a busy month! I swear, we have something going on every single night and weekend for the next two weeks. I'm really not complaining because I think it's good to keep busy during this rough patch, it's just funny how things keep stacking up.

One of the activities that your brother and sister have been participating in is AYSO Soccer. They had a blast this year, and their last game was on Saturday. I'm not sure what their record was because they don't really keep score, but I'm pretty sure that each team had a good season. Here are a couple of pics from Saturday.

Now we get to move on to Tee-Ball for Mikey. The last two seasons were a complete blur to me because the first season started right as we got to bring you home, and the second was right after you went to Heaven. I'm a little anxious to see how this year goes.
I love you so much baby boy. I had a few short moments of peace today when I just felt totally and completely in love with you without any sadness. I love that feeling, and hope that more moments like those are coming soon. I'm sure they are. Just need to make it through May.


Lacey said...

We are consumed by baseball on Saturdays! Two 2 hour games is a lot, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about games during the week. May is almost over, your getting there!

April said...

Oh my heart goes out to you.... May you continue to feel peaceful moments. (thanks for being so sweet on Caleb's blog :)